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About us


Welcome to our colorful world.

Maison Suku is a Fairtrade organization in handwoven home décor, storage baskets and wall décor that works directly with artisans in Africa.

We want to improve people's lives by creating a sustainable business where family income is permanently improved. That's why we founded Maison Suku in 2023.

We have a profit motive, for a good cause. While we love charitable giving, our model is based on building marketplaces in Africa that create a self-reinforcing long-term economic impact.

maison suku artisans


Skilled African women weave our creations, forever changing their worlds.

We pay weavers above modal so they too can contribute to their growing economy. Our business model focuses on regular, consistent orders that keep artisans employed for long periods of time. We pay a fair wage that facilitates an artisan's upward movement to an economic position where they can save, invest and move from weaving to even greater opportunities that result from a stable production market. Together, weavers lay a stable and critical foundation for a long-term marketplace, which is an important source of community pride.

Each of our wall décor, home décor and storage basket is woven with centuries-old technique by artisans in rural Africa, whose fair wages then circulate in their communities. This is how we create a business with economic impact in Africa.

Wevers Senegal Maison Suku


Sustainable impact

We believe in environmentally protective practices. The all-natural fibers, recycled plastics and organic dyes used in our products are just some of the ways we put the planet first.

Education Impact

We believe education is the key to a better future. That's why we partner with the Little Hand Foundation, donating 10% of every purchase to the Little Hand Foundation, which was established in 2015 as an initiative to help underprivileged children in Africa study. Research has shown that children are unable to complete their studies due to lack of financial resources. As a result, it was decided to establish a foundation to give these children a future through small contributions. Because with little means you make big steps.

Little Hand Foundation currently supports a select group of students. Become a donor of the Little Hand Foundation

We create jobs, promote education and improve the quality of life in Africa. By buying our products, you are contributing to our mission. Thank you for your part in this journey toward a sustainable and equal future.

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